Saturday, September 12, 2009

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to all my new readers!  This blog is about my experiences, observations and perspectives on learning, and using Spanish in the US, including my many years interacting with native Spanish speakers in the areas in which I've lived.  I hope to also comment on different aspects of being a Spanish or Spanish Education major in university.  I grew up in Miami, Florida where I was influenced by the language and Cuban culture.  My journey from that time to the present as a Spanish Instructor in a small, private university has been an adventure that I plan to write about in future posts. 
Come join me as I explore these issues and others relating to being and becoming bilingual in America.


  1. Hola Anna, the blog looks great. I look forward to hearing your many stories. I'll definitely be an avid follower of the blog. I know this blog is going to be very successful.

    Looking forward to see the next post,

    --André L.

  2. Hi welcome to the Blog-World, it's funny but be careful because it could suck your time out of you! It's quite addicting... :P

    your skype friend Nicolás