Monday, October 12, 2009

Press 2 for Spanish

Ahhh, the Spanish option.  It has been for me, a great way to keep my listening and speaking skills sharp.  Although I speak Spanish at home, that is not very challenging-just your usual  "How are you feeling today?" and "What's for dinner?" type of conversation.  From time to time  when I need to speak with a customer service representative, I choose the Spanish option to see how I fare with the rapid-fire speech and having to think on my feet as I describe a technical problem to my satellite provider or the phone company.  But the other day, I found an even better reason to pick the Spanish option.  I needed service through my home warranty company and as is so common these days, I knew I would have to go through a couple of minutes of electronic hoops. But I didn't have the patience at the moment so I decided to press 2 for Spanish and Voila! I was put straight through to a human!   That is probably the best advantage to being bilingual.  Who knew that such a human activity, language, was what could defeat a machine, this time.


  1. I think ill give this idea a go in French!

  2. Cada día que pasa, me gusta más leer tu blog. Es fantástico el estilo que utilizas y la forma de expresarte que tienes. Me gusta, si señor. Si algún día hacemos de Speechy un sitio serio y formal me encantaría aprender de tu inglés. Es fascinante. No dejes de escribir.

    Un abrazo.